The Easiest Sustainable Kitchen Ideas

Creating a more eco-friendly household can be a huge undertaking, but don’t let that get you down. The key to success is to start small by focusing on a single room and choosing ideas you can easily implement. 

One of the best places to begin is your kitchen, a room that is central to any home. Read on to discover plenty of sustainable kitchen ideas that are simple and cost-friendly.

Adopt Homeless Kitchen Furnishings

When you want to create a sustainable kitchen design, don’t assume that means spending thousands on new furnishings or cabinetry. Instead, look to second-hand stores and yard sales. 

A little love and care can restore the beauty of tables, cabinets, or chairs. You’ll keep these items from taking up space in a landfill, and you’ll limit the demand for newly manufactured furnishings.

Ask Contractors About Surplus Flooring

Whether you’re designing an eco-friendly bathroom or kitchen, flooring costs can get out of hand. Keep tighter control of your budget and build a more sustainable kitchen with leftover flooring. 

Often, contractors will have odd pieces of flooring left after finishing kitchen renovations. You can buy those pieces for less and use them to create a custom floor design.

Did You Know that you can make your kitchen seem larger and more spacious by combining two contrasting types of flooring? For instance, you can achieve a framed look by giving ceramic tiles a hardwood border.

Look for Eco-Friendly Kitchen Manufacturers

An indoor garden spruces up any sustainable kitchen.

Many green living tips suggest using recycled or widely available natural materials. Some manufacturers are taking this a step further. 

Indeed, Mogu has designed kitchen furnishings made from the fibers of mushrooms. These mycelium fibers form strong, durable surfaces that are ideal for kitchens.

Another way to make your kitchen more sustainable is to research the manufacturers of kitchen and bath supplies. Some manufacturers use coffee grounds, rice straw, and corn husks to create beautiful furnishings for any sustainable kitchen.

Find Uses for Plastics in Your Eco-Friendly Kitchen

When looking for sustainable design tips, the use of plastics can seem problematic. While your household can reduce the use of plastic containers, it’s almost impossible to eliminate them altogether.

Rather than feeling defeated, you should consider turning those single-use plastics into helpful tools. Here are some ways you can use plastic containers after rinsing them out:

  • Sponge/dish rag holder
  • Planters for an indoor garden
  • Water dispenser for your plants
  • Storage for snacks and cereal

You might find other uses for plastic containers throughout your home as well. Look for more places where you need extra storage space.

Change Your Lighting but Not Your Fixtures

Unless you deem it necessary to add or alter the lighting in your sustainable kitchen, there’s no need to replace your existing fixtures. Simply polish or wipe them down to brighten their appearance.

The light bulbs in your eco-friendly kitchen are another story. If you’re still using incandescent bulbs, this is the ideal time to change them. Switching to LED bulbs will help you use less energy and spend less on your monthly bills.

Pro Tip: Switch to smart bulbs. You can operate and program these LED bulbs via your mobile device.

Ditch the Vinyl Window Coverings

Bamboo blinds are perfect window covers for your sustainable kitchen.

As you create your sustainable kitchen design, spend some time looking for natural window coverings. Window blinds made from bamboo are a popular choice, and they come in a variety of styles and colors.

Bamboo blinds will go well with a biophilic design since they come from a natural plant. Bamboo is self-sustaining in that the stalks will continuously regrow after harvesting. In addition to their resiliency, bamboo stalks grow fast. This results in a continued abundance of the material.

Install a Boiling Water Tap

Even kitchens designed using sustainable materials can waste energy. In particular, boiling water and boiling it again after it has cooled leads to energy waste. Eliminate that waste with a boiling water tap.

After you install the tap, you’ll always have boiling water at your fingertips. You’ll be able to use only the amount of water you need and thus avoid wasting surplus water.

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Keep Your Cabinets

Unless your kitchen cabinets are in very poor condition, you probably don’t need to replace them. In most homes, cabinets remain in durable condition for many years. Even average-quality cabinets last for up to 50 years.

If you’re tired of the look of your cabinets, you only need to replace the doors. You’ll save money by avoiding a full cabinet installation, and a fresh set of doors will breathe new life into your kitchen. 

You can give your cabinets any look you desire with a new set of doors or shop for antique cabinet doors to get even more eco-friendly. You can use this idea with your eco-friendly bathroom design as well.

Go Beyond Energy-Efficient Models

When looking for green kitchen ideas, take a look at your appliances. One way to use energy more wisely is by installing a heat-storage cooktop. This type of range includes a hot plate that will keep meals warm.

Look for more appliances that will help you eat healthier and use less energy. An air fryer is another appliance that will help you meet both those goals. 

Keep your new appliances on a mobile cart for convenience. Store the cart in a corner or a pantry until you need your appliances. You can keep them unplugged to avoid residual energy waste when not in use. 

Get Creative in Designing an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

While this list will help you get started, you’ll discover more sustainable ideas as you go about your life. Pay attention to how you shop, prepare meals, and clean your kitchen. These activities can help you discover more eco-friendly practices that fit seamlessly into your daily routine.

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