The Gasoline Carmageddon: Should You Still Buy Non-Electric Vehicles?

Nowadays, it can seem like electric vehicles (EVs) and their charging ports are everywhere you look. We all know that they’re good for the environment, right? Depending on where you live, you should get certain incentives for driving one, whether it’s a tax rebate or preferential parking, yet the upfront cost of an EV can … Read more

Solar Panels On The Rise: 10 Reasons to Make The Switch

From electric cars to sustainable flooring, and clean eating — many Americans are making the conscious decision to lessen their carbon footprint. As this becomes a cultural shift, we’ll see the benefits for years to come by switching to eco-friendly solutions for the demand to fight climate change.  The existing human population cannot use all … Read more

7 Steps for Summer Rain Garden Design

Rain is an essential part of nature’s cycle. Without it, waterways would dry up, disrupting water supplies and destroying ecosystems. However, consider how rain makes it back into rivers and lakes once it lands. What doesn’t flow directly into waterways absorbs through the earth. There, it collects into underground water sources, thus completing the cycle. … Read more

Customer Story: Cozy Carbonized in Connecticut

For the latest edition of our customer stories, we’re heading up north to Connecticut where Theresa Condict recently completed an expansive renovation. Using our strand woven carbonized bamboo floors, Theresa brought a natural, warm tone to some rooms needing an update. Up next (or down, perhaps): the stairs! Read more to learn how you could … Read more

Green Landscaping: How Eco-Friendly Design Can Benefit the Local Ecosystem

Are you looking to go green with your landscaping? There are many easy ways to design your yard so that it benefits the local ecosystem. By choosing plants and features that support wildlife and attract beneficial insects, you can create a beautiful landscape while helping to sustain the environment. Here are a few tips for … Read more

How Digital Tools Can Bolster Interior Design Projects in 2022

As we move further into the 21st century, it’s becoming increasingly clear that digital tools and technologies are here to stay. And while some may initially view this as a threat to traditional industries like interior design, the truth is that these tools can actually be used to bolster and enhance interior design projects. As … Read more

3 Ideas for Adding Plants to Your Privacy Fence

Privacy fences are important parts of any property. They keep out unwanted people and animals, and they keep your family safe. Still, they aren’t always the prettiest objects to look at.  Enter plants. Plants provide excellent coverage and privacy. They are easily combined with existing privacy measures, like screens and fences. They are also customizable … Read more