Why MagPanel is the Building Material of the Future

Believe it or not, basic building construction hasn’t changed that much in the last 100 years. Consequently, builders still frame, dry-in, do electrical and plumbing in pretty much the same order they did in 1920 (yes, people had electricity and indoor plumbing). But, what has changed are the tools and materials they use to do … Read more

Going Green in the Workplace 2020 – Home Version

Eco-friendly home office

Back in 2018, we shared 8 Tips for Going Green in the Workplace. What a difference two years makes! These days, it seems everyone is working from home, and there are no big signs of change. Earlier this month, Facebook announced its employees would continue working from home until at least July 2021. Going green … Read more

Transforming Your Home into an Eco-Friendly Sanctuary

Home.  Spending much time there lately? Don’t let being home stress you out.  Home should be a place of refuge. Your own private sanctuary. Transform any house into a stress-less sanctuary without stressing the planet by using these eco-friendly tips. Lighting LEDs, CFLs, white lights, blue lights, light before bedtime. It’s enough to stress anyone … Read more

How Hard Flooring Helps You Have a Healthier Home

image showing indoor of an house with a focurs on the bamboo flooring

These days everyone is focused on being healthier. We’re spending much more time at home, so it only makes sense you want a healthier home. Did you know that replacing carpets with hard flooring is one of the best ways to improve the health of your home? Carpet traps food, allergens, dust mites, and more … Read more