Build an Outside Deck with Sustainable Bamboo? Absolutely!

digital rendition of bamboo deckingKnow what’s even better than building your outside deck with wood? Building it with natural grass. Most people think of bamboo as a hardwood when it is, in fact, a grass native to Southeast Asia. But don’t be fooled by its grassiness – bamboo is actually stronger and more durable than wood, making it an ideal building material for outdoor living spaces such as decks and patios. It simply offers numerous practical advantages over other products on the market.

Bamboo Decking

DIYers and contractors have been increasingly choosing bamboo decking as their preferred decking material because of its strength and ability to stand up against the natural elements. It makes an ideal choice for many outdoor projects, and it can coordinate with almost any exterior décor of your home or commercial building. Due to its strength and ability to stand up against the natural elements, it makes an ideal choice for many outdoor projects, and it can coordinate with almost any exterior décor of your home or commercial building. Besides being extremely resilient to the elements, bamboo stands apart from other materials like hardwood and manufactured composites because it is environmentally friendly. Since it’s a grass, bamboo can regenerate itself in as little as three to five years, doesn’t require pesticides and other harmful chemicals for protection, and captures carbon effectively.

Bamboo’s Design Versatility

Bamboo is one of the most versatile building materials on the market today. Homeowners have various colors and grain options so their deck can fit in seamlessly with its natural environment. From light natural tones to dark chocolate tones, bamboo allows you to create just the right aesthetic for your particular project.

Bamboo’s inherent strength and durability also make it ideal for any design element you may want to add to the surface. And, if you plan on doing a fair amount of entertaining on your deck, you can be sure it can hold up to the heaviest use and also be able to support multiple tables, chairs, and even a massive grill.

What if you don’t plan on doing much entertaining? What if you are more interested in creating an outdoor space that’s just meant for you and your family to relax and enjoy nature during the spring and summer months? Bamboo is still a wonderful choice, and you are sure to find a variety of porch swings, hammocks, and outdoor furniture that will go perfectly with the cozy, natural environment you create.

And while those homeowners who’ve chosen to build their deck out of traditional hardwood will shudder at the thought of the damage that will happen to it during the harsh fall and winter months, those who build with bamboo can rest easy knowing their deck will stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

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6 thoughts on “Build an Outside Deck with Sustainable Bamboo? Absolutely!”

    • Hi Lyn, unfortunately our bamboo flooring warranty does not cover installation in rooms that are not climate controlled. Many of our customers have installed our bamboo in similar rooms, and generally as long as you keep the humidity between 40%-60% bamboo flooring won’t have issues, but if you do have a problem it will not be covered by our warranty.

    • Hi Jeff,

      While bamboo flooring can usually be exposed to cold weather for short periods of time (less than 24 hours) without problems, prolonged cold weather exposure is not recommended for any type of hardwood flooring, including bamboo. As a general rule, wood and bamboo flooring will perform best indoors where the climate is maintained at around 40-60% humidity and 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, although conditions may vary in different geographic areas. Hardwoods left in cold weather (below 40 degrees Fahrenheit) for extended periods may result in face checking, shrinkage, and even cracking.

  1. soooo….is it “better than building your outside deck with wood” or are you saying it should only be used inside? these responses pretty much contradict the entire premise of this article…

    • Hey Lindsey,

      The other commenters are specifically asking about installing bamboo flooring outdoors. Bamboo flooring is designed for indoor installation. The article itself is about bamboo decking. Bamboo decking is designed for outdoor installation. =)


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