A 7-Step Guide to Remove Dried Adhesive / Glue From Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring continues to increase in popularity due to its unique strength and elegant finish. One common problem homeowners experience is the accumulation of dried adhesive on the floor’s surface during installation. Failure to properly remove this glue while it’s still wet can lead to permanent finish damage. Below are seven steps to help you remove dried adhesive/glue from your bamboo flooring.

Bamboo parquet texture 1) Apply a small amount of Bostik’s Ultimate Adhesive Remover to the dried glue. Bostik is a leader in the adhesive removal industry. Their products are readily biodegradable and are virtually odorless. Bostik offers two adhesive removal products which are both safe and effective means of removing dried glue from bamboo flooring:

  • Bostik Best Ultimate Adhesive Remover: Available in a 32-ounce bottle, this liquid product is designed to remove wet and dried adhesives from the flooring. If you choose to use Bostik’s liquid adhesive remover, make sure you pour only a small amount of solution directly onto the dried glue.
  • Bostik Ultimate Adhesive Remover Towels: Manufactured with convenience and utility in mind, Bostik’s towels are pre-soaked and ready to use. Complete step one by removing a towel and squeezing a small amount of solution onto the dried adhesive.

2) Let the adhesive remover sit for approximately 15 minutes. A short waiting period allows the solution to permeate the adhesive and facilitate removal. Make sure you do not let the solution (or any liquid, for that matter) remain on your floors for an extended period of time, or you could end up with unsightly marks on your floors.

3) Wipe the application site with a cloth. This should be done right away to absorb the adhesive remover fully. Ideally, it would help if you used a dry cloth with the following features:

  • Gentle
  • Soft
  • Absorbent

4) Reapply the adhesive remover to the same spot. While this step may seem redundant, a second application is recommended to ensure that all glue is thoroughly removed.

5) Allow the product to sit for approximately 1 minute. Once again, it is important to allow the adhesive remover to penetrate any remaining residue.

6) Use a Mr. Clean ® Magic Eraser ® to remove the dried glue. Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser is known for its ability to remove the toughest adhesive residue from glass, household items, and floors. Be sure to protect your skin during the removal process.

7) Thoroughly clean the application site and surrounding area. Once you have completely cleaned the affected floor area, make sure there is no remaining adhesive. Also, scan your floors to ensure there are no oily residue traces – an annoyance that can sometimes arise after applying adhesive remover. If you discover any oily residue, you should wipe it up right away, using a damp rag to help loosen the oily film. You should then thoroughly wipe down the area with a dry rag to ensure that any oil traces are absorbed.

What Should You Do If the Above Steps Fail?

Sometimes dried adhesives are so stubborn; they are immune to even the most thorough removal processes. In these cases, you may have to remove and replace the bamboo flooring plank. Or, as a final removal step, you can attempt to apply denatured alcohol to the dried adhesive to wear it down gradually. If you explore this measure, make sure you take the following precautions:

  • Apply a small test spot on a hidden plank in a low-profile area before treating the affected area.
  • Examine the test area to make sure the process does not remove the finish on your floors.
  • Proceed with the application of denatured alcohol to the dried glue.

Solutions for All of Your Bamboo Flooring Needs

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Last update of the article: 01/27/2021