The Benefits of Having a Lucky Bamboo Plant in Your House

Here at Ambient, we’re often asked if we can buy bamboo from someone’s home or yard. The easy answer is no, but that doesn’t mean that the conversation ends there. Bamboo flooring is most often manufactured using moso bamboo – known for its size and strength. If you have bamboo growing in or around your house, … Read more

Can I Compost in the Fall and Winter?

Whether you grow your own veggies, or herbs and flowers are more your style, most gardeners rely on compost to nourish the soil, conserve water, and control weeds. Even novice gardeners quickly realize the many benefits of keeping a compost pile going. But composting in the fall and winter presents challenges. Without those warming rays … Read more

How to Create a Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Garden

Do you long for activities that get them outdoors and reconnecting with Mother Earth? Gardening is a natural way to get exercise and some natural Vitamin D, and it’s an activity the entire family can enjoy together. Whether Spring is bringing you to the garden for the first time or you’re back for a return engagement, … Read more

How to Compost Your Kitchen Trash into Rich Gardening Soil

Hand holing Soil created from Home Composting kitchen scraps or vegetables and fruit along with fall leaves and grass clippings. Final product dark brown earth rich with nutrients and worms to spread around the garden.

When deciding what to recycle and what must go to the landfill, you can’t help but start to wonder about the kitchen scraps. If you’ve ever felt weird about dumping out vegetable stems and leftovers, you’re not alone. Our ancestors survived by figuring out how to make the most of every possible resource and why … Read more

13 Unique Plants To Grow In Your Garden

Gardens are a common way to spruce up the landscape around your house – but how do set yours apart? You could make a creative planter by repurposing an old wagon or other antiques. Box gardens have also become a common trend for homes with limited space for expansive gardens. Many overlook this possibility, but … Read more

Sharing Is Caring – An Idea For A Greener Community

In the western world where items are mass-manufactured, there are few home goods, products, and luxuries that are unavailable or out of our price range; tools are churned out from low-wage continents, whilst electronics are shipped halfway around the world from China or flown thousands of miles from Mexico. With prices that have never been … Read more

How to Create a Wildlife Garden

wildlife garden

Most of us, the garden is a great place to relax, throw the odd barbecue or perhaps cultivate some nice plants or fresh vegetables if you have a large enough space. It’s also the perfect place to attract local wildlife and help save some species such as bees, bats, and butterflies currently under threat. Especially … Read more