Sales Policy of Ambient Bamboo Flooring | Bamboo Floors
Sale/Cancelation Policy

Clearance Sales & Price Matching

1) All clearance sales are FINAL. We do not accept returns on clearance items.

2) Clearance sales can not be combined with other discounts (shipping discounts, etc).

3) If you purchased a floor less than 10 days ago, and you find a sale on your product at a lower price on our website let us know. If the current flooring price with the promotion is less than what you paid, we will give you the difference. Only one promotion is available per order.

If You Have Purchased From Ambient In The Past

Like many other companies, Ambient reserves the right to change our products lines to improve the selection we offer to our customers while staying on top of the latest advances in engineering and manufacturing. This means that some of our product lines are changed or discontinued as time goes by. Sometimes we improve a click-lock system design, sometimes we change the dimensions of standard planks, sometimes we even discontinue certain colors due to low demand.

If you are a returning customer, we ask that you keep this in mind and that you confirm with your representative that the currently stocked product matches what you previously purchased. Usually we can suggest an easy workaround for your situation. For example, natural and carbonized bamboo flooring (like any other natural product, and especially wood) can experience shade variations between different lots. Thus if you purchased previously and are now purchasing again in a new shipment, there's a likelihood you will get a new lot. We suggest that you send us a sample of your existing lot so that we cant match it.

About Sales Tax

In 1992's Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, the Supreme Court ruled that no state can force an out-of-state merchant to collect sales or use tax unless it has a physical presence in the state (this is called a 'nexus'). Ambient does not have a nexus in any state besides Maryland and is thus not required to collect sales tax outside of Maryland. You, as the consumer, may still be required to pay use tax to the state for your purchase should you claim it on your taxes.

Military Flooring Discount

We do offer a military flooring discount for active duty members of our U.S. armed forces. If you are active military and would like to inquire about a floor discount please call us at 301-498-0234.

Restock & Return Fees

Please check our RETURN POLICY