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So you have picked out your floor – that was the hard part! The easy part is deciding which underlayment is right for you. If you are looking for the best of the best – then look no further! Our Sound Defender® Vapor Barrier 3 in 1 Rubber Underlayment has the highest sound transmission rating and impact rating of any of our previous underlayments.

Sound reduction is just one of the many benefits to using this product. Everyone that has had to stand on your feet for long periods of time knows how important cushioning is. This 3 mm thick pad will provide long lasting comfort underfoot. Do not forget about the moisture barrier! The gold-foil backing will block any moisture coming up from your subfloor.

Please note: For use under floating hardwood, bamboo, engineered, and laminate floors only. If you have a floor that needs to be nailed or glued down then we recommend 15 lb felt paper.


• Highest in class sound impact and insulation ratings
• Solid rubber with advanced moisture protection and shock absorption
• Mold and mildew resistant
• Crush-resistant technology for stellar performance and longevity

• Includes adhesive strip and overlap foil film for connecting multiple rolls
• Installed with foil side facing down


1) The foil side of the roll should always face down. The sub-floor should be dry, clear of debris, and level.
2) If unfurling the first roll next to a wall, the long side containing the foil film with self adhering strip should point away from the wall (the side with the self-adhering strip should not be up against the wall).
3) Unfurl the roll and extend it to ensure it is laying perfectly flat and has no raised areas. Carefully remove the self adhering strip. Carefully unfurl the next roll so that it overlays onto the previous roll's foil film with adhering strip, creating a seal between the two rolls. Make sure not to overlap the next roll's rubber/thicker sections onto the existing roll's rubber/thick sections (avoid creating raised ridges).
4) After all underlayment has been installed, walk the area and carefully inspect for damage. Seal all tears and gouges with waterproof tape to ensure a continuous vapor barrier.
5) Install flooring according to manufacturer's instructions.


Sound Defender 3 in 1 Vapor and Sound Barrier | 3mm | 107 sf per roll

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$72.00 per roll
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