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  • Tuscan Gold - 12 ft
  • Tuscan Gold - 12 ft
  • Tuscan Gold - 12 ft
  • Tuscan Gold - 12 ft

Tuscan Gold - 12 ft

Item No: 808857610997
$43.00 / plank
($7.79 / sq ft)($3.58 / linear foot)
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Product Description

Elevate Your Outdoor Living with Tuscan Gold
Unveil the opulence of Tuscan Gold - our premier bamboo composite decking that brings the golden hues of Italian sunsets right to your backyard. Our 12 ft planks are designed for the discerning homeowner who values both aesthetics and functionality.


  • --Plank dimensions: 12 ft (3660 mm) x 5 1/2 (140 mm) x 7/8 (22 mm)
  • --2 surface style options in one plank: For a wood grain surface look, lay the planks with the "A" side facing up, and for a more modern, sleek look use the "B" side
  • --Low maintenance - no staining or refinishing required
  • --Resistant to stains, scratches and denting
  • --All-weather durability for year-round performance
  • --Capped on 4 sides
  • --Low-gloss matte surface sheen
  • --Hollow core for softer footfall and cooler in summer
  • --Made from sustainable materials: 60% bamboo wood remnants and 40% recycled plastics
  • --Pregrooved design with hidden fastener system for easy installation with standard woodworking tools
  • --Lifetime warranty


Pro Tip: For a flawless installation, allow the planks to acclimate to your local climate for 48 hours before installation. This ensures they settle into a natural state, reducing potential for post-installation adjustments.



Will I ever need to stain or refinish the bamboo composite decking?
Absolutely not! Our decking is virtually maintenance-free and doesn't require sanding or sealing. Just periodic cleaning with soap and water is enough to keep your decking looking great.

Is this decking a good fit for poolside areas? Indeed, its exceptional water resistance makes it a prime choice for your poolside paradise, ensuring long-lasting beauty and function.

Can it stand up to common outdoor stains? Yes, with its high resistance to staining, our decking makes spills and stains a worry of the past.

How does the decking fare in terms of slip resistance? Safety is paramount, and our decking is crafted for superior slip resistance, even when wet, offering you peace of mind.

What advantages does composite bamboo decking have over hardwood, or Trex? The sustainability of bamboo, it's low maintenance requirements, and it's resistance to issues like splinters and warping make it a better option than hardwood. The low maintenance requirements and all-weather durability make it similar to other composite decking, however the overall ecological benefits of using bamboo and recycled plastics make it a more sustainable choice than it's composite counterparts like Trex.

Why choose hollow core decking planks over solid ones? Hollow core planks do not retain as much heat as solid core planks, making them much more comfortable in hot weather. They are significantly lighter, which put less stress on your home structure, also making them easier to handle and transport. By using less material, hollow core planks are a more resource-efficient option, which can be appealing from an environmental sustainability perspective.

Is the installation of bamboo composite decking DIY-friendly? Yes, it is! Our decking is designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind, our hidden fastener system ensures easy installation with just the basic woodworking tools.

What kind of warranty is offered with the decking? Ambient provides an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty, ensuring protection against staining, surface and structural issues. For more details, please consult our warranty documentation.

How do I maintain the deck? We recommend cleaning your decking at least 2-3 times per year. For areas with built-up grime, try simple sweeping to reduce water consumption, and for hard to remove grit you can use a mixture of soap and water coupled with a scrubbing brush, followed by a simple rinse.

Can I power wash Ambient composite decking? We do not recommend power washing the deck, as high pressure power washers can damage the surface. If absolutely necessary ensure to use a low pressure setting and maintain the power washer nozzle at least 2 feet from the surface.

Can I install the decking directly on top of the floor/concrete? Yes, however there must be a clearance space of at least 6 inches between the decking planks and the substrate, to ensure for proper air flow ventilation.

Can the decking planks be custom trimmed? Most certainly, you can tailor the planks to your spatial needs with standard woodworking tools at your disposal.

How does the decking endure in areas of heavy use? Engineered for endurance, our decking thrives in high-traffic areas, promising longevity without significant wear.

Will the decking's color fade over time? Ambient composite bamboo decking is designed to be fade-resistant, which typically covers significant fading, however, it's natural for any material exposed to the outdoors to gradually change in color to some extent, so planks may experience some degree of fading and discoloration over time.

Is plank replacement necessary after some time? With proper installation and normal conditions, there's no expectation of replacing planks. Our decking is built to stand the test of time.

Product Features

30 days money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

At Ambient we offer customers in the U.S. and Canada a 30-day money back guarantee on all flooring orders and we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Please read the complete program details here.

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