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Discounted pricing and rewards loyalty program for the trades and loyal customers.

Discounted Prices, Flat Rate Shipping, and Cash Rebates

Benefit from wholesale volume pricing, flat rate shipping, flexible payment terms, early pay discounts, and more, all tailored to help you save money and focus on growing your business.

Premium Quality Floors & Building Products

Ambient's products are renowned for their exceptional quality, as attested by research and installer experiences. Avoid customer complaints, site visits, and warranty claims with our reliable building products.

Free Store Displays and Samples

We provide complimentary product displays and sample packs, along with white label branding options including hand panels and displays. Our marketing solutions are designed to cater to every need.

Choose a Partner That Values Your Business

Ambient prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service. We cherish our long-term relationships with contractors, flooring dealers, builders, architects, and designers.

To set up an Ambient Pro Rewards account, please complete the trade application below. We'll quickly set up your new account, granting you access to quality products, competitive prices, and unparalleled customer service.

wholesale bamboo flooring

Application for Ambient Pro Rewards

Please note that you may be approved for a wholesale account within 3 business days; however, approval of payment terms can take up to 2-3 weeks. You may also email or fax your company's standard trade reference form as a replacement to this application to [email protected] or (301) 498-0238. If you are tax exempt, please include your tax I.D. number and certificate.

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