Shipping Policy

Before we ship

Bamboo ShippingAmbient bamboo flooring ships from multiple warehouses throughout the U.S. If your order is in stock in our warehouses (and most of it is), we will ship it by the next business day. Transit time depends on your location, but it is typically between two and four business days.

Guaranteed shipping incurs additional charges

All estimated transit times and delivery dates are +/- 2 business days unless you have paid additional fees for guaranteed shipping.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs on our bamboo floors is a lot cheaper than you think with especially low rates to Washington, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Illinois and lots of other states. Note that orders delivered or picked up in Maryland are subject to state sales tax.

Scheduling your delivery

Once your order is en route we will email you the shipper's phone number and a tracking number or "pro-number" for your shipment. Once you receive this tracking number, you must call the shipping terminal in your city to schedule a delivery appointment to your home. The delivery companies work via timeframes (e.g. 8am to 12pm) as opposed to specific time appointments (e.g. 9:32am).

The shipping company will not deliver your flooring without an appointment. SOMEONE MUST BE PRESENT to receive the order and sign the delivery document.

Upon arrival

Neither the truck nor the driver is allowed to go beyond the curb of your driveway. This means that you are responsible for bringing the pallets of flooring up your driveway and into your home. The driver will not put the flooring inside your garage and will not carry any of the boxes into your home. Upon receipt of order, please consider the following:

1) Are there any damages to the cartons/shipping boxes?
2) Have you received the exact number of pallets AND boxes noted on your bill of lading/waybill?

If your order is damaged

We use national LTL freight shipping companies to ship our floors. If your order is damaged by the freight company during shipment, Ambient's liability is limited to replacing the damaged boxes. If the boxes are ripped or look like they have been dropped, please be sure to note this damage ("one box damaged," "two boxes damaged," etc.) on the bill of lading that the driver will have you sign and give to you. The driver will leave you with a delivery receipt stating any damages you have noted. Note that you do not need to open all of the boxes while the driver is on site. Just note the number of boxes that appear to be damaged.


Please call us immediately at (301) 498-0234 so that we can note your account. As long as the damage is noted on the driver's bill of lading, we will be able to send you replacement boxes of flooring. Once the driver is gone, open the boxes to assess the damage - it may only be on the outside of the box. Please take photos if possible because we will need evidence that the damage occurred (in addition to the signed bill of lading noting the details). Do not discard any damaged flooring as it may salvaged by the shipping company. Any discarded material will not be replaced. Damages must be reported within seven days of delivery. Damaged flooring reported after seven days cannot be replaced.


It is the installer's responsibility to ensure that floors with visible defects are not installed.

1) Is the flooring free of irregularities?
2) Does the color and profile of the product that you have received match what you ordered?
3) Are there errors in milling, finish, or any other irregularities that you have found in your order?

If you find issue with any of the questions above, please contact us immediately at (301) 498-0234 and we will do our best to replace those items as soon as possible. IMPORTANT: Our products are warranted only if these issues are reported prior to installation. Flooring installed with visible defects is not covered by warranty. Bamboo flooring has different color variations, often within the same batch - some planks are going to be lighter/darker than other planks due to natural variations in the bamboo plant and manufacturing process. Make sure that you lay out the flooring before installation in case there is a need to mix and match differing planks to create an evenly colored floor.