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Need a bamboo flooring installer? These 7 tips will make it easier.   

7 Tips For Choosing A Floor Installer 

Installing A Bamboo Floor

1. Ask friends and family.  Someone you know has had wood flooring installed within the last 5 years.  Ask neighbors, friends, family and coworkers if they were happy with their wood floor installer and if so get their name.  Contractors appreciate word-of-mouth referrals and some may even offer a "neighborhood" discount.  Yelp is also a great website to find highly rated installers; look for those with a minimum of 3-5 reviews.
2. Look for an NWFA-Certified Installer.  The National Wood Flooring Association's certification process validates wood flooring experience and holds their members to high standards of service.  You can find NWFA-Certified Installers here. 
3. Get at least 3 estimates.  Most installers will give you a free estimate over the phone or charge a small fee (from $20-$50) to do an in-home estimate.  Try to cover all bases and ask as many questions as possible to get a good sense of their experience and knowledge.
4. Pay a fair wage.  Doing price comparisons is vital for you as a consumer, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.  The vast majority of floor installers are honest, hard-working men and women that charge a fair wage and are working to support their families.  If they go above and beyond it doesn't hurt to give them a tip at the end of the project.
 5. Request a warranty.  The best installers are confident in their installation skills and will offer a warranty to back up their workmanship. 
6. Do your own research.  If a contractor disparages a certain product and tries to up-sell you a different product, be wary.  Sometimes this is done to earn an extra commission from a product distributor.  The best way to review a product or brand is to research them yourself online.  
7. Ask Ambient.   We keep a database of installers that our previous clients have recommended so there's a chance we may know someone in your area.   Call us at (866) 710-7070 or email us at and ask for a recommendation for your city.

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