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Bamboo Flooring

At Ambient we offer a wide range of exceptional bamboo floors that are natural and built to last. With over 30 different colors and styles available, you'll find the perfect fit for your home or commercial space. The beauty of natural bamboo hardwood flooring combined with its superb durability makes it an ideal choice for high traffic areas.

Bamboo Flooring Purchasing Guide

Bamboo flooring is an environmentally friendly and stylish hardwood option that is highly durable. Made from Moso bamboo, a species known for its strength, this versatile flooring can be made in a wide range of finishes including natural, carbonized, stained colors, and handscraped textures. It is resistant to water, insects, and wear and tear, making it a great choice for those looking for a sustainable and long-lasting flooring option. It comes in different grain types including horizontal, vertical, and strand-woven.

Tiger Bamboo Flooring in Spa
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