Bamboo Floor Maintenance: How to Care for Bamboo Floors

Bamboo Floor Maintenance: How to Care for Bamboo Floors

We’re so glad you’ve chosen bamboo flooring! It’s a durable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood, and it looks beautiful, too. While bamboo flooring is one of the toughest hombre around, it still requires some upkeep. We’ve created a continuation of our previous post about cleaning bamboo flooring that thoroughly outlines how to care for bamboo floors … Read more

4 Ways to Incorporate Bamboo Flooring into Your Home

Bamboo flooring is truly unique. An amazing alternative to other flooring types, bamboo flooring offers a host of benefits – it’s gorgeous, eco-friendly, easy to install, and even costs less per square foot than traditional hardwood flooring options. If bamboo flooring sounds appealing to you, here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate bamboo flooring into … Read more

How to Compost Your Kitchen Trash into Rich Gardening Soil

Hand holing Soil created from Home Composting kitchen scraps or vegetables and fruit along with fall leaves and grass clippings. Final product dark brown earth rich with nutrients and worms to spread around the garden.

When deciding what to recycle and what must go to the landfill, you can’t help but start to wonder about the kitchen scraps. If you’ve ever felt weird about dumping out vegetable stems and leftovers, you’re not alone. Our ancestors survived by figuring out how to make the most of every possible resource and why … Read more

8 Tips for Going Green in the Workplace

Co-workers in an environmentally friendly office

Living a green lifestyle doesn’t stop at your front door or the edge of your property or when you get into the car. Being eco-responsible and reducing waste is something you can do in every aspect of your life, even in the workplace. While it would be great if you could convince your employer to … Read more

Eucalyptus Flooring – The “It” Floor for 2018

From a design perspective, eucalyptus strand woven flooring is a natural (pun intended) for home design in 2018. Made from compressed eucalyptus wood, this flooring lends itself to an array of design functions and adds considerable beauty to any room. It has several advantages for interior design purposes with few disadvantages. Due to its insanely … Read more

Is Bamboo Flooring Installed Under Kitchen Cabinets and Islands?

Bamboo Flooring Under Island And Cabinets In Your Kitchen

If you are buying rather than building your home, then the flooring decisions surrounding cabinets may be at the mercy of the original homebuilders. In all likelihood, your pre-existing cabinetry was installed on top of or around the flooring in your kitchen. Perhaps you are considering replacing your kitchen floor or installing a new cabinet … Read more