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Floor Moldings & Trim

Prefinished Floor Moldings & Trim For Bamboo, Eucalyptus, and LVP Floors

Features & Benefits of Floor Moldings & Trim

matching color


Our moldings & trim come in a variety of colors & styles to closely match all of our floors - from bamboo to vinyl.

 perfectly prefinished


Not only are they color matched: our moldings come prefinished like our floors to create a cohesive texture as well.

impressive variety


At Ambient©, we carry everything from stairs to thresholds to vents to cover any gap or edge in your installation project.

superior finish


Our moldings don't require special tools - a nail gun or warranted adhesive makes installation an easy DIY project.

Shop for Prefinished Baseboard, Cove Molding, Quarter Round, Reducer, Spline, Stair Noise, Stair Riser, Stair Tread, Thresholds, T-Moldings & Vents

Perhaps you've heard the wise words of famous philosopher Walter Sobchak: "the rug really tied the room together." But did it really? Quality floors don't just start where the rug falls - nor do they stop when the planks meet the walls.

At Ambient, we are dedicated to providing quality from room-to-room, wall-to-wall. If you've already picked out a new floor for your home or business, you may be considering the next step: floor moldings. We offer a wide variety of trims & moldings to closely match Ambient® floors as well as common colors found elsewhere. Our floor moldings are a beautiful way to put the finishing touches on your latest home improvement project.

Please use the filters below to find the perfect combination of flooring trim to provide a finished, beautiful look to your final installation. All moldings below come prefinished, with a 90 day limited warranty, and ship out within 4 business days of purchase unless otherwise noted. Have questions about which trim you should use? Check out our floor moldings 101 page, which explains in detail what each type of molding is for, including diagrams to help you out.

72" Lgth


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Hardwood Bamboo Splinefor12mm Flooring thumb

Bamboo Spline for 1/2 in Floors

72" Lgth


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Hardwood Bamboo Splinefor10mm Flooring thumb

Bamboo Spline for 3/8 in Floors

72" Lgth


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Hardwood Bamboo Splinefor14mm Flooring thumb

Bamboo Spline for 9/16 in Floors

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