• Strand Bamboo Stair Riser Up Board Carbonized
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Are you one of those people that loves everything to match? We have good news for you! Now you can purchase Carbonized strand bamboo stair risers (also known as upboards) to match your Carbonized strand stair treads or stair noses. Choosing the right riser is an important decision because they often get kicked or scuffed as people walk up the stairs. You want a riser that can withstand abuse over long periods of time. These risers come prefinished just like our floors and are just as durable. Since they are darker, you are less likely to notice dirt and shoe marks. These risers are 4 ft in length but we also have them in 6 ft lengths as well.

Carbonized Strand Bamboo 4ft Stair Riser

  • ITEM NO 733074274748
$44.00 each
Ships out within 2 business days. See UPS Ground Transit Times Map
Arrives in 4-10 business days via LTL freight curbside delivery
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