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Why Ambient?


1. Pay lower prices and get higher quality.  How is that possible?  Because Ambient designs and manufactures it's own floors, then sells them direct to the public.  Whereas most big box retailers are simply resellers (of brands like Ambient), we cut out the middle man and sell directly to you.  This allows us to give you a better quality product, but at a lower price.  If you add up all costs associated with your flooring order: shipping, sales tax, moldings, flooring, and installation materials, you'll be hard-pressed to find a lower price than ours. 

2. Our products won't let you down.   Ambient was one of the first companies in the world to manufacture strand bamboo & eucalyptus floors and our experience translates into unparalleled quality. We use only premium raw materials like Moso bamboo aged 5-7 years, and the most advanced finishes and milling systems in the world.  If you've done your research on the web you already know that we have more than a decade of happy customers.  Check out our Better Business Bureau profile for yourself. Bamboo and eucalyptus flooring is what we do, and we do it right.

3. We'll ship you what you paid for.  We implement lot-specific ordering, so we can assure you that the flooring that arrives at your doorstep will match the initial sample you received.  We will not ship you an odd lot, mixed lot, or totally different shade of floor.

4. Your health is important to us.  Ambient is proud to be FloorScore® Certified, which means peace of mind for you and your family when it comes to dangerous off-gassing and chemicals.  We also carry out independent third-party testing every year to ensure that our products are safe.  All of our floors meet the CARB Phase II indoor air standard, which is the most strict in the world.  Besides, our employees and their families live, work and play on our floors too.

5. The environment matters.  Our floor materials are sourced from FSC-Certified or well-managed forests.   All of our products are Lacey Act compliant, which ensures they are legally sourced and with minimal damage to the environment. All of our adhesives are zero VOC and our floor finishes are ultra-low or zero VOC as well.

6. We are a one-stop shop.  We do our best to stock all the matching moldings and trim pieces for all of our floors, and we also sell the installation supplies you'll need, all at very competitive prices that won't inflate your final bill.  Your floor, moldings and installation supplies will all arrive in one shipment, which will save you and your installer valuable time driving around purchasing materials.

7. We are on your side.   If you have a problem with your flooring order or your installation, we will help you find a solution quickly.  We will be available, and we will take responsibility if we are at fault.  We stand behind our warranties 110%.

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