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For a Dynamite Deck, Choose Bamboo Composite Decking

Looking to add a deck to your home or revamp a deck that you already have?

At Ambient, we have the decking for you. We offer high quality, top-of-the-line bamboo composite decking that is guaranteed to satisfy and give you everything you want in a deck. Our high quality bamboo composite decking will be good for your home and your wallet!

Easy to Install and Maintain

Building your deck should be fun, not frustrating. That is why we design our bamboo composite decking to be easily installed, and in addition, easy to maintain. Simply sweep it occasionally to remove small debris, or use bamboo floor cleanser from time to time if you prefer.

Decking That is Durable

Bamboo decking is known for being exceptionally strong, hard and durable. It is tough enough to handle even your biggest spills, messes and accidents, so you can remain confident that years from now, your decking will still look just as new as the day it was installed. In fact, we are so confident in the durability of our decking, we offer a lifetime warranty and thirty-year finish warranty on all of our products!

Ecologically Friendly

Bamboo plants are highly renewable because they mature at a fast rate (within 3-5 years). With our bamboo decking, you can feel good knowing you made the smart choice for you and the environment.

The Beautiful, Stylish Choice for Your Deck

Bamboo has established itself as a hot, trendy decking material capable of instantly enhancing the appearance of your deck. It has a similar look and feel to hardwood, but bamboo flooring also has a natural beauty that is all its own.

A Deck That is Stylin’ and Safe, Too

At Ambient, your safety matters to us. That is why we have our products independently tested to ensure we meet and exceed all safety standards. Our bamboo decking is zero VOC and is designed to be safe for infants, children and families, so you can have peace of mind and enjoy your deck just as you should.

High Quality Finish and Low in Price

For a deck that dazzles, call us today for a free quote or to ask about shipping specials!