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Classic Solid Bamboo Flooring | Horizontal & Vertical

Made from whole strips of select A-grade Moso bamboo, from plants at the perfect level of maturity. Not to be confused with solid strand woven bamboo, which is 3 times harder than oak, "Classic" solid bamboo flooring is comprised of long rectangular strips of bamboo that have been laminated together for a more contemporary look.

Bamboo solid wood flooring is only about 1/3rd the hardness of strand bamboo. It was the first type of bamboo flooring to hit the market and has been around since the 1990's. It's a relatively light-hued flooring that showcases the telltale nodes of the bamboo plant, and comes in both horizontal and vertical styles. Classic solid bamboo floors can come in the standard natural and carbonized colors, but they're sold by many retailers in different stains as well.

The Construction of Bamboo Solid Hardwood Flooring

Classic bamboo solid wood flooring is made from whole strips of select A-grade bamboo of the Moso species, from plants that are between five and seven years old. This age is important because, although bamboo grows very rapidly, it is known that it takes at least five years for the plant to mature and harden to the point that it is suitable for use as a high-quality strand bamboo flooring material. The best floors use strips that are cut from the middle of the culm — the most resilient part of the stalk.

The Benefits of Solid Bamboo Flooring

Like all types of bamboo, this bamboo solid hardwood floor is very eco-friendly, and it shows more character over time than stranded bamboo. It can be glued down to concrete or nailed down to plywood sub-floors. It's great in residential applications and serves as an affordable, stylish and eco-friendly flooring option. Best of all, it's beautiful and highly sought after by modern designers, because of it's unique vertical and horizontal grain aesthetics.

The Benefits of Horizontal Bamboo Flooring

If you want a floor that highlights bamboo’s unique appearance, you’ll want to choose the horizonal variety. Because of the way it is assembled, the planks look similar to the trunks of bamboo and the nodes of the bamboo culms are obvious. Horizontal bamboo uses wider strips to reveal more of the grain and can give your kitchen floor distinctive character.

The Benefits of Vertical Bamboo Flooring

For a more understated floor that still offers the advantages of this sustainable hardwood, you may want to choose vertical bamboo flooring. It is constructed with thin strips, which show less grain but display deeper texture that may be a better fit for your kitchen design and decor.

With vertical bamboo flooring, you get a cleaner, uniform design where nodes are subtle. With horizontal bamboo flooring, the nodes are more obvious, yielding a rustic and natural look. The choice is yours!

Where to buy solid bamboo floors

Solid/classic bamboo flooring was the original softer (less durable) type of bamboo flooring, and can be difficult to locate in the market now. At Ambient we do not sell this type of flooring, as we specialize in strand woven bamboo flooring. When you want the best in bamboo flooring, Ambient is your go-to resource. We not only have lower prices, but also better quality than you’ll find elsewhere. We specialize in bamboo products that are harvested from properly managed forests, and we only choose premium raw materials. We’re a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. On top of that, we give you a lifetime warranty!

Ambient Bamboo Floors is committed to exceptional service from beginning to end. Trust us to provide the kind of top-quality, beautiful bamboo floors that stand the test of time.

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