Calcium chrolide kits accurately measure the amount of moisture (in lbs) emitted in vapor by a concrete slab. Vapor emissions testing is the most widely accepted method to determine the moisture content emissions of a concrete slab.

  • Highly recommended & required before installing hardwood and bamboo flooring over a concrete slab
  • Inexpensive and easy to use
  • Most accurate and widely accepted quantitative test method
  • Peace of mind against liability for installation failures due to moisture
  • Helps determine the level of vapor barrier needed when comparing flooring adhesives
  • Meets ASTM F1869-16a standard


This test kit includes:

  1.   A pre-weighted plastic jar with an airtight snap-on lid containing anhydrous calcium chloride
  2.   A transparent plastic cover with pre-applied adhesive to create an airtight seal over the subfloor


Instructions for use:

  1. Using a scale that measures in grams, confirm the weight of the calcium chloride prior to testing
  2. Follow the included instructions to properly prepare the calcium chloride for the 24 hour test
  3. Weigh the calcium chloride after timed exposure
  4. Calculate your results using the Concrete Moisture Emission Calculator.

Calcium Chloride Moisture Test Kit

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