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Classic Solid Bamboo Flooring | Horizontal & Vertical

Made from whole strips of select A-grade Moso bamboo, from plants at the perfect level of maturity.

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horizontal grain
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When people think of traditional, eco-friendly bamboo flooring, they often think of this "classic" style — a relatively light-hued flooring that showcases the telltale nodes of the bamboo plant. It comes in both horizontal and vertical styles. Ambient classic bamboo flooring may look like other traditional bamboo laminate options, but its quality, age and cut set it apart.

Unlike other brands, Ambient classic bamboo floors are made from whole strips of select A-grade bamboo of the Moso species, from plants that are between five and seven years old. This age is important because, although bamboo grows very rapidly, it is known that it takes at least five years for the plant to mature and harden to the point that it is suitable for use as a high-quality strand bamboo flooring material. At Ambient, we also use strips that are cut from the middle of the culm — the most resilient part of the stalk.

solid bamboo

Our classic bamboo flooring absorbs lower levels of moisture than other types of flooring, so it holds up very well in areas of varying humidity. It can be installed over plywood or concrete subfloors using glue-down and nail-down methods, but is not warranted in a basement. We also offer floating bamboo flooring , which is much easier to install and also eco-friendly.

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Some examples of this floor are below:

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