10 Best Sustainable Building Products For Home Construction

10 building products that combat change

Below is our list of 10 sustainable building products that fight climate change. 1. Bamboo Flooring There are so many factors threatening the planet in these modern times, and it is our obligation to do what we can to take care of the planet. Using sustainable building products is a great way to reduce your … Read more

5 Amazing Bamboo Structures Around the Globe

locking bamboo floors

You wouldn’t think the grass would make a good building product, right? Typically, that’s true; but when it comes to the world’s largest grass, it works great. Bamboo is actually a great material for all kinds of construction tasks – especially flooring. The U.S. flooring industry reported a growth of 3.85% in dollars and 3.2% … Read more

Why Bamboo Flooring Is So Often Used In New Apartment Construction

66 Rockwell Luxury Development

Apartment living is becoming increasingly popular, and not just among the younger generation; even baby boomers are foregoing their sprawling mansions and adopting luxury apartment living lifestyles. And why wouldn’t they? Today, high-end rentals include not only luxurious and spacious accommodations, but also a wealth of extra amenities such as large communal areas, green spaces, … Read more

Is Bamboo Plywood An Eco-Friendly Option?

Closeup of green bamboo trees with leaves. Eco-friendly concept

For consumers on a mission to surround themselves with eco-friendly building materials, they may be excited about bamboo products. The first question posed is, “Why is bamboo plywood eco-friendly?” The answers may surprise you. For far too long, suburban homeowners have considered bamboo to be a pesky weed that takes plenty of elbow-grease to keep … Read more