Engineered Bamboo Flooring

What Is Engineered Bamboo Flooring?

Engineered bamboo flooring consists of a wear layer of solid strand woven bamboo laminated to a core of either multi ply eucalyptus plywood or high density fiberboard (HDF). Engineered hardwoods in general are installed using the floating method because they have higher dimensional stability than solid floors. When made with a wear layer of strand bamboo material, engineered bamboo floating floor products can usually be refinished at least twice (depending on the brand) and are frequently used in DIY installations and basements. Most engineered bamboo floors come in a click-lock construction for ease of installation.

Bamboo is an extremely sustainable material, as it grows incredibly quickly (some species up to three feet per day). So, when you choose manufactured bamboo flooring, you’re selecting not only an affordable wide plank floor but an eco-friendly hardwood that is rapidly renewable — great for your wallet and the environment.

Click Locking Bamboo Flooring Wear Layer
engineer house

How Are Engineered Bamboo Floors Installed?

Due to their high dimensional stability engineered floors are an excellent option for all environments. Ambient's engineered floors come with a super-durable and thick top wear layer that can be sanded down at least twice. This wear layer is adhered to a core of either A) high-density fiberboard (HDF) or B) multi-ply eucalyptus (see images of both core types below!).

Some engineered bamboo floors come in a "click-lock" installation style - no glue, no nails, and perfect for do-it-yourselfers. (Make it a do-it-together project!)

Click-lock floors come in either solid or engineered planks, both of which are fast and easy to install. They can be installed over concrete with no problem as long as you first lay down a quality 3 in 1 underlayment (vapor barrier). What’s great about the locking/floating engineered planks in particular is that they provide way more dimensional stability than locking/floating solid planks, which are only recommended for areas where there is really steady indoor humidity.

Even better, bamboo engineered wood flooring is much more affordable than traditional hardwoods. Premium wide planks cost half of what typical wood floors do, yet there are still a variety of colors and styles available.

Why Is Engineered Bamboo Flooring Better For Floating Installations Compared To Solid Bamboo Flooring?

Solid bamboo flooring is more sensitive to moisture than engineered bamboo flooring, so it expands and contracts more. It is always recommended to use engineered floors rather than solid floors when installing via the floating method.

Strand bamboo floors cost a fraction of the price of traditional hardwoods!


engineered click lock floating bamboo floor with hdf core


engineered click lock floating bamboo floor with multi ply core


engineered tongue and groove floating bamboo floor

Why is Engineered Bamboo Flooring Environmentally Friendly?

These days, we all want to be doing more for the environment. Combine that with the low cost of bamboo flooring and whamo, you can make a positive impact on the world without sacrificing style or quality by choosing Ambient Bamboo Flooring. Our bamboo is harvested from properly managed forests that reach maturity within 5-7 years. We are a member of the US Green Building Council, and many of our products qualify for LEED credits. We can also source FSC Pure products by request.

Some examples of this floor are below


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