• Stranded Natural Unfinished Bamboo Hardwood Plywood Sheet Angle
  • Stranded Natural Unfinished Bamboo Hardwood Plywood Sheet Wide
  • Stranded Natural Bamboo Hardwood Plywood Sheetwith Finish
  • Stranded Natural Bamboo Hardwood Plywood Sheet Diagram3


Suitable for all types of projects including cabinetry, furniture and paneling, our 3/4 inch thick unfinished strand woven natural bamboo plywood has a beautiful and calming effect derived from bringing nature into your home or office. This product can be used for all types of projects, including cabinets, wall paneling and furniture. Some folks even use them for cutting boards. Our furniture grade bamboo plywood sheets are Grade A and easy to mill and saw.

** Please note that our unfinished plywood sheets are comprised of, and labeled with, a "front" or "A" side and a "back" or "B" side. The front "A" side has more color uniformity than the back "B" side. **

3/4 inch Natural Strand Unfinished Bamboo Plywood

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$265.00 per sheet
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