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Elevate your outdoor spaces with our Bamboo Decking Learning Center. Uncover the secrets to creating stunning, sustainable decks with our expert guides, tips, and tutorials. From installation techniques to maintenance best practices, explore the world of bamboo decking and transform your outdoor living experience. Your pathway to a stylish, eco-friendly deck begins here.

Bamboo Decking FAQs

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The quantity of Start/Stop clips and fasteners you'll need depends on the size of your deck and the number of joists.

Start/Stop Clips: These are used to secure the very first plank and the very last plank of your deck, running parallel to the sides. You'll need the start clips to secure the first plank to each joist it crosses, and the stop clips to secure the last plank to each joist it crosses. So, if your deck has 10 joists running along the sides where you'll place the planks, you'll need 20 Start/Stop clips in total (10 Start clips and 10 Stop clips).

Decking Fasteners: These are used to secure the rest of the planks to the joists. As a general guideline, we recommend using approximately 90 fasteners per 50 square feet of decking.

Important Note: This is just an estimate. The actual number of fasteners you need can vary depending on the specific layout of your deck and any unique features. It's always best to consult with a decking professional for the most accurate recommendations.

We highly recommend reading our Shipping Policy for a comprehensive explanation of our shipping processes.

We ship most freight orders (over 125 lbs) out within 4 business days of purchase, the average being 2 business days. For faster shipment of freight orders, we offer an Expedited Shipping option at checkout however please note that this simply means that we will ship the order out the next business day - it does not shorten the transit time once shipped. For small parcel orders we offer express UPS shipping options at checkout as well; please note that for express shipping services the order must be placed by 2pm EST in order to ship out that same day, otherwise we will process the shipment the next business day.  We do not ship out orders, nor do the shipping companies deliver them, on weekends. 

For residential lift-gate freight order deliveries, once the flooring order arrives at the local freight terminal, they will call you to schedule your delivery appointment, which is usually a 2-6 hour window on the day of your choosing (weekdays only) when possible. All deliveries are curbside as the freight companies do not offer inside delivery.

Bamboo decking with hollow cores offers a cool and comfortable space to enjoy outdoors in the summer. To ensure a beautiful finished look, prevent occasional cobwebs or debris from accumulating underneath, and for added peace of mind regarding insects, we recommend using skirting or end planks around the perimeter of your deck. It adds a polished touch and completes the overall look, while also minimizing the possibility of insects creating nests in those hollow areas by limiting easy access points.

Yes, covering floor joists is generally recommended when installing composite decking to prevent rotting. While composite decking is less susceptible to rot compared to traditional wood decking, moisture can still accumulate between the decking boards and the joists, potentially leading to decay over time. Covering the floor joists with a protective barrier, such as a waterproof membrane or flashing tape, helps to minimize moisture absorption and prolong the lifespan of the joists. Additionally, proper ventilation between the decking and joists is essential to allow any moisture that does accumulate to evaporate effectively

Hollow core composite decking should always be installed 12 inches on center (12" OC): This means that the joists or beams supporting the deck boards are spaced 12 inches apart from the center of one joist to the center of the next. If hollow core decking is installed on joists that are more than 12" on center, and substantive weight is placed on the planks, they may experience sagging or bending effects over time.

If your building has a freight dock, the freight company will deliver your pallet of flooring to that dock, as long as it it large enough/suitable for a large tractor trailer to back up into. If you are unusure of this, you will want to contact your building management before scheduling your order delivery appointment. If the dock is not suitable for a tractor trailer, the next option is for the freight company to lower the pallets onto the curbside near the most accessible entrance to your building. If no such curbside is available, you may need to drive to the local freight company terminal to pick your order up (or request your contractor/installer to pick up the order for you).

Since our composite decking is comprised partially of wood/bamboo, it does expand and contract based on relative humidity, but not as much as solid hardwood decking due to it's composite structure.

We highly recommend you review our Shipping Policy, which has a lot of great information and a short video about the shipping process.  When your order ships out we’ll send you a notification email with all of your shipping information.  Once the shipment arrives at the local freight terminal near your delivery location, the terminal staff will call you to schedule a delivery appointment* (weekdays, usually a 2-6 hour window).  Make sure you don’t miss the delivery appointment or the freight company may charge a hefty re-delivery fee. *if you have selected commercial/freight dock delivery, freight may be delivered without needing an appointment

Once the order arrives, ensure you mark any damages you see on the driver’s bill of lading (they’ll then usually give you a copy).  You don’t have to open and inspect every item, just look at the outside of the pallet – that is where the shipping damage will be. Ensure you write the number of damaged items and detailed notes, then take photos of the damaged items and email all of this information to your Ambient representative to ensure we can ship out free replacements.

Important note: If your delivery location is located on a road that cannot be accessed by a semi-trailer truck, you may be required to pick the freight up at the local terminal or meet the driver at an intermediary location.

We accept the following payments:

1. All major credit and debit cards.

2. Personal and bank checks (please note there may be a 14-day shipping delay).

3. ACH payments. 

4. Paypal. In fact, PayPal Credit offers financing. 

None of our products are brought inside the delivery location by the driver.  All small parcel shipments are at the discretion and policy of the shipping company. 

Flooring freight shipments are curbside delivery with lift-gate unless you specifically request freight dock delivery.  Curbside delivery means they lower the pallet on the street at the end of the driveway. The drivers are not required to enter the property boundaries, although if not hazardous sometimes they’ll back up the driveway (if it’s flat and short) and drop the pallet on the driveway. 

All materials that exceed 4 ft in width or 6 ft in length (Iike bamboo plywood, MagPanel, decking, etc) must bee unloaded by hand, or forklift, at the curbside. Large pallets arrive situated on the truck lengthwise and require a forklift with 8 ft forks or extensions to offload. For large orders we recommend a forklift on-site capable of lifting 4,000 lbs unless alternative arrangements are made. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the proper equipment is on-site at the delivery location to unload large-dimension shipments.

It is imperative that the customer, or an authorized representative, be present on-site to accept the delivery, conduct an inspection for any external damages, and document any noted damages on the delivery driver’s bill of lading. Failure to do so will render us unable to provide complimentary replacements. We strongly advise against the engagement of labor for the sole purpose of awaiting the delivery, as freight companies occasionally fail to meet scheduled appointments, and compensation for such delays is not offered. 

Our website may offer the option of "Garage Delivery" at an additional charge during checkout. This service is limited to the placement of the materials pallet into a carport or garage, subject to specific terms and conditions apply.

While it can be a bummer if your shipment arrives damaged – it is not the end of the world! We can easily send you free replacements for anything that was damaged in transit - all we ask is that you do not refuse the shipment and mark any damages on the receipt provided by the driver. After that, please take a few photos of product while it is still on the pallet and email them to [email protected] so we can make a record on your account. Then, please examine the items further once you've brought them inside to determine the extent of the damage, and take photos of affected areas if you require replacements. Once we receive the details and photos we will send out the replacements right away. Most of the time, installers will be able to work around the damage instead of waiting to get replacements. For more information please see our Shipping Policy page.

Occasionally you will have an item with a visible defect either in the stain, finish, or milling. Like most building materials suppliers our effective defect rate is under the industry-standard 3%. However, if you are finding that more than 3% of the product you have ordered has defects, please let us know as soon as possible so we can resolve the matter quickly.

We recommend that you review our handy Return Shipping Guide to see the detailed steps to return your order.

Yes, we may be able to accommodate this, but please note that we may still apply a small shipping and handling fee to your order.  Please reach out to your sales representative for details.

Our bamboo composite decking is capped on all four sides with ASA composite (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate), selected for its exceptional performance in outdoor environments.

ASA composite materials are renowned for their outstanding UV resistance and weather resistance, safeguarding the decking against extreme fading, color change, and deterioration caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight and adverse weather conditions. By incorporating ASA as a cap layer, our decking boasts superior durability and an extended lifespan compared to traditional uncapped composite options.

Moreover, the four-sided capping ensures enhanced protection against moisture infiltration and warping, making our decking ideal for a wide range of outdoor applications, including residential decks, commercial boardwalks, and waterfront installations. The ASA cap layer also adds an extra level of defense against scratches, stains, and general wear and tear, preserving the decking's appearance and integrity over time.

The links to the policies below can also be found in the footer of our website, and we encourage all customers to review these policies before purchasing.

Return Policy   |   Sale Policy   |   Shipping Policy

Compared to natural wood, it is generally more scratch and dent resistant. However, sharp objects and heavy furniture can still leave marks.

Yes, it is! Our decking is designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind, our hidden fastener system ensures easy installation with just the basic woodworking tools. Here's the composite bamboo decking installation guide for your reference.

Yes, it is designed to endure harsh weather conditions, including freezing temperatures and snowfall. The accepted temperature range for our decking is -4 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Yes, It is typically resistant to mold and mildew growth due to its composite nature. However, regular cleaning and proper drainage are still essential.

Our pre-grooved design has a hidden fastener system which means you can install it easily without having to compromise the appearance of the decking.

It is engineered to have a lifespan for 20 years or more with proper care. 

Absolutely! We’ve shipped our products to such far-flung locations as Guam, Kenya, Tanzania, Bahrain, Great Britain, Kuwait, France, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, and many more.  Please note that international shipments may require you to procure the services of a freight forwarder at the port of discharge; most port authorities can provide recommendations for reputable freight forwarders that service your home port.  Also, minimum order quantities may apply to some countries.  Call your Ambient representative today at (866) 710-7070 for shipping quotes to your country!

Newer generations of hollow-core composite decking, including WPC, are designed to dissipate heat more efficiently than solid core decking. While they can still get hot in direct sunlight, they generally do not get as hot as versions of solid core composite decking. Darker colors naturally attract more sunlight and can be hotter to the touch than lighter colors.

Yes. We make our outdoor decking with bamboo because it can stand up to the elements and last a long time regardless of what’s thrown at it. The durability and the aesthetic together are unmatched.

Unlike hardwood decking, composite bamboo does not require water sealing. Regular washing and clearing of debris and grit with soap and water are usually sufficient for maintenance.

We do not recommend painting as it may affect performance and appearance.

We’ve deliberately made our brown decking lightweight, with a hollow core, to ensure it can be handled and installed easily by most people.

Composite bamboo (WPC) decking includes recycled materials, contributing to waste reduction. Using recycled bamboo by-products has many ecological advantages, and using recycled plastics helps prevent these materials from entering ecosystems like oceans or ending up in landfills.

Yes, it can be used on boat docks, but it must be installed at least 12 inches above the water line to avoid constant water exposure. Additionally, be aware that submersion due to tides or high water may void the warranty. Proper ventilation and drainage under the decking are also important to prevent moisture-related issues such as mold and mildew.

We offer a variety of colors to suit your unique style preferences. Whether you prefer a classic wood look or a modern grey aesthetic, we have the perfect color and length to match your vision. Also, many of our decking planks have different surface styles on their two sides, such as an “A” side with a wood grain and a “B” side with a flat and smooth modern look.

No, as it can damage or scratch the surface. Instead, let ice melt naturally or use a push broom to clear snow, avoiding metal-edged shovels.

Be aware of potential slip hazards, especially when the deck is wet. While cutting planks during installation, always wear proper safety equipment and a mask. Always follow the installation guide instructions and wear proper safety gear during installation.

Indeed, its exceptional water resistance makes it a prime choice for your poolside paradise, ensuring long-lasting beauty and function.

Yes, with its high resistance to staining, our decking makes spills and stains a worry of the past.

Safety is paramount, and our decking is crafted for superior slip resistance, even when wet, offering you peace of mind.

The sustainability of bamboo, it's low maintenance requirements, and it's resistance to issues like splinters and warping make it a better option than hardwood. The low maintenance requirements and all-weather durability make it similar to other composite decking, however the overall ecological benefits of using bamboo and recycled plastics make it a more sustainable choice than it's composite counterparts like Trex.

Hollow core planks do not retain as much heat as solid core planks, making them much more comfortable in hot weather. They are significantly lighter, which put less stress on your home structure, also making them easier to handle and transport. By using less material, hollow core planks are a more resource-efficient option, which can be appealing from an environmental sustainability perspective.

Ambient provides an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty, ensuring protection against staining, surface and structural issues. For more details, please consult our warranty documentation.

We recommend cleaning your decking at least 2-3 times per year. For areas with built-up grime, try simple sweeping to reduce water consumption, and for hard to remove grit you can use a mixture of soap and water coupled with a scrubbing brush, followed by a simple rinse.

We do not recommend power washing the deck, as high pressure power washers can damage the surface. If absolutely necessary ensure to use a low pressure setting and maintain the power washer nozzle at least 2 feet from the surface.

Yes, however there must be a clearance space of at least 6 inches between the decking planks and the substrate, to ensure for proper air flow ventilation.

Most certainly, you can tailor the planks to your spatial needs with standard woodworking tools at your disposal.

Engineered for endurance, our decking thrives in high-traffic areas, promising longevity without significant wear.

Ambient composite bamboo decking is designed to be fade-resistant via UV protection coatings in it's 4 capped side. While this typically covers significant fading, however, it's natural for any material exposed to the outdoors to gradually change in color to some extent, so planks may experience some degree of fading and discoloration over time. A general rule of thumb is that all composite decking will fade approximately 3-5% in first year, then 1% every year until it reaches a "final" color.

With proper installation and normal conditions, there's no expectation of replacing planks. Our decking is built to stand the test of time.

At Ambient, we value the brave men and women that serve in our nation's armed forces and law enforcement agencies. We offer a 5% discount off all products for active-duty members of our U.S. armed forces and full-time local and state law enforcement. Clearance items and odd lots do not qualify for this discount and it cannot be combined with other promotions. Call (866) 710-7070 for additional details.

For flooring and plywood we strongly recommend ordering a sample before placing your final order, so you can ensure that the shading will be to your liking.  Our flooring and plywood samples have a dye lot number sticker on the back of them. Our website checkout process will ask you to type in this dye lot number before final payment; alternatively, if ordering via email or over the phone simply mention this lot number to your Ambient representative and we will update the order with it and ship that exact lot number.  If we don't have that lot number available (it has sold out) but we have a matching lot, we will ship the matching lot.  If we do not have a matching lot, we will not ship your order until you approve samples of the new lot.

Please remember that photographs on our website are taken from a variety of devices and under many different lighting conditions, and are viewed on a wide range of computer monitors and contrast settings, thus we do not guarantee that any floor will match the photographs on the website. If you order your flooring sight unseen (without receiving samples first), Ambient is not responsible for light or shading variation or differences and thus not responsible for return shipping costs (which can be expensive and can vary greatly depending on where you live and the size of your order). 

If you receive the order from the exact lot number you requested, or you order sight unseen (you do not provide a dye lot number at checkout), and you decide after it arrives that you want to return the order, you will be responsible for return shipping charges. For flooring orders, please see our 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee for more information.

For legal businesses that qualify as a trade account (must be in the building trades), or you plan to order more than $10,000 cumulatively in building materials in the future on multiple projects, we encourage you to apply for a trade account on our B2B page. Our wholesale discounts vary depending on sales volume and can range from 5% to 35% off our retail prices.  We also offer container level pricing for large projects at extremely competitive prices, and can manufacture a large array of products not featured on our website such as custom thicknesses, lengths, widths, colors and surface treatments (minimum order quantities apply).

It grows fast, does it not?  Unfortunately, some of the species of bamboo that have been planted in the U.S. are of the variety that have deep underground runners, and it is therefore very hard to control.  While we would love to recycle that wood and make something new from it, unfortunately our manufacturing facilities are overseas, which means we would have to ship it across the water.  This would negate any benefit derived from taking that bamboo off your hands.  We recommend that you try to do something creative with it, like making picture frames, furniture, and other cool uses like making a bamboo bike!

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