• Drop In Bamboo Register Vent Cover4x12 Carbonized
  • Bamboo Register Vent Cover4x12 Drop


What is a drop in vent grille? A drop in vent is designed to be inserted after the flooring has been installed. Simply cut out a hole where the duct is located and insert the vent. This particular vent is made for ducts sized at 4 inches by 12 inches. For precise measurements please take a look at the diagram above. Unlike a vent register, a vent grille is not adjustable and cannot be closed. Please keep that in mind when making your purchase.

*Please note that it is not recommended to install wood vent grills in areas with foot traffic as the wood slats in the grill are not meant to support weight and can break easily if stepped on.

Carbonized Strand Drop In 4x12 Bamboo Vent Grill

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