Maintenance Instructions

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We hope you are pleased with your new Ambient bamboo flooring. It looks great, doesn’t it? To keep up its nice appearance, please follow these easy care and maintenance instructions.

Keep a few planks

After installing your bamboo floors, keep at least a few extra planks to use as possible replacement boards or to test with new cleaning solutions. (If damage occurs or the finish is dulled from using a cleaner, it is better to find out on an extra plank than on your new floor.)

Avoid wet spills

Bamboo flooring has properties similar to wood flooring, so never leave any standing water on your floor. In case of a spill be sure to clean up the mess as quickly as possible, whether you have strand woven flooring or natural flooring.

Clean Regularly

We recommend our low-VOC, green-apple scented Hardwood Floor Cleaner for routine cleaning of your floor. First, use a microfiber dry mop to remove excess dirt and debris from your floor. Then, simply spray the Ambient Hardwood Floor Cleaner on your floor and use a slightly damp mop - completely wring out any water in the mop - to remove the cleaner. There is no mess, no streaking and it smells wonderful. Contact us to order some floor cleaner concentrate. This product has received great reviews in addition to our bamboo flooring reviews.

Be sure not to use a wet mop or leave any excess water on your floor. Do not use Orange Glo® products on your bamboo flooring as they may ruin the finish.

Steam and Wet Mopping

Please note that using a steam or wet mop on your Ambient floors will void your warranty and may cause irreparable damage. For further reading please visit this page:


Minor scratches can occur on the surface of the floor's finish, which is designed to protect your bamboo flooring from damage. If scratches occur, first try to buff them out using a soft rag alog with an acceptable hardwood floor cleaner.

We have found that after a few cleanings and normal foot traffic, light scratches tend to wear away. If a scratch remains, or you have a deep scratch that looks white in color, a tested remedy is to use mineral oil or almond oil on a soft rag to rub it out.

Grooves & Gashes

Large grooves or gashes can be avoided by taking extra care to use furniture pads under the legs of all heavy furniture including tables, chairs or couches. Take all the precautions you can when moving any type of furniture on your floor to avoid damage. If a large gouge occurs, always try a floor repair kit before resorting to a more serious measure (try Timbermate or Picobello floor repair materials). If that is unsuccessful, you have three options:

Repair: Flooring professionals can repair certain gashes and gouges. They will use floor putty to fill the existing gouge and finish that small section with a new coating. Please check with your floor installer to see if this option is available to you.

Replace: Replacing a bamboo flooring board can be very tedious and, depending on the location of the damaged board, nearly impossible, however experiences carpenters or installers using the right tools can manage this.

Refinish: Ambient bamboo floors can be refinished. Refinishing a floor is a process of sanding down the floor to remove all scratches, gashes and dents. Once the floor is smooth and flawless, a new protective coating is applied unveiling an almost brand new floor. You will want to use a polyurethane finish, some installers have had good results with the Lenmar brand.

Cured Adhesive

  • If adhesive spots have cured on your floor:
  • 1. Pour a small amount of Bostik Urethane Adhesive Remover on the glue spot, or squeeze a small amount of remover from a Bostik Adhesive Remover Towel.
  • 2. Let it sit for about 15 minutes.
  • 3. Wipe the area clean.
  • 4. Apply adhesive remover again to the same spot.
  • 5. Let it sit for about a minute.
  • 6. Use a Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® to remove cured glue.
  • 7. Clean the area well.

Oily Residue Adhesive Remover

  • If adhesive remover leaves an oily residue on your floor:
  • 1. Wipe the area with a warm damp rag, which helps to loosen the oil.
  • 2. Wipe the area with a dry rag to soaks up and take away the oil.
  • 3. Thoroughly clean the floor with Ambient Bamboo Floor Cleaner, following the instructions above.
  • 4. Repeat if necessary.
  • If you have a large room, work in sections to ensure that the damp rag is followed by the dry rag while the oils are still loose.