How Digital Tools Can Bolster Interior Design Projects in 2022

As we move further into the 21st century, it’s becoming increasingly clear that digital tools and technologies are here to stay. And while some may initially view this as a threat to traditional industries like interior design, the truth is that these tools can actually be used to bolster and enhance interior design projects. As … Read more

Commercial Interior Design Trends that Liven Up Your Business

The physical retail and business space have changed significantly since 2020. eCommerce and online sales trends are taking off and delivery services have altered the traditional real-life shopping experience. Recent statistics suggest that 76% of US consumers now shop online, and it’s expected that there will be over 300 million online shoppers in the United … Read more

The Benefits of Having a Lucky Bamboo Plant in Your House

Here at Ambient, we’re often asked if we can buy bamboo from someone’s home or yard. The easy answer is no, but that doesn’t mean that the conversation ends there. Bamboo flooring is most often manufactured using moso bamboo – known for its size and strength. If you have bamboo growing in or around your house, … Read more

How to Design the Perfect Vacation Rental


Whether you are just starting in the short-term rental market or are a seasoned pro, designing the perfect vacation rental is important to scoring those all-important positive reviews that lead to new bookings and repeat business. Short-term rentals have different design needs than the house you live in every day. Here’s what you need to … Read more

Fall Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Fall Interior Design Trends 2021

There’s no denying that 2020 changed the way we live our lives. Many people found themselves spending significantly more time at home, often crowded into spaces that felt a lot smaller when populated by significant others, children, and pets! The forced move to remote work and schooling left many families scrambling to upgrade to larger … Read more

Cooking Up DIY Kitchen Remodeling Projects this Summer

DIY Kitchen Remodel

The heat is on and it’s time for cool DIY kitchen remodeling projects that won’t break the bank – or your back. Whether it’s adding pops of color, enhancing your backsplash, painting cabinets for a brand new look, or updating your floors to water-resistant SPC flooring, we’ve got ideas to seriously upgrade your kitchen’s look … Read more

Your Guide to Light vs. Dark Hardwood Flooring


Trying to pick the perfect hardwood flooring? Even if you’ve decided on the easy-care, long-lasting life, and eco-friendliness of bamboo hardwood flooring, you still need to pick a color and surface style. When bamboo flooring first arrived on the scene in the US in the 1990’s, the only color the flooring was being sold in … Read more