Bamboo Floor F.A.Q. - The Ordering Process

Common questions related to the ordering process

Below are a few questions you will want to consider before placing your order:

1. What type of subfloor (usually plywood or concrete) will the floor be installed over?
2. Do you already have a specific plan to float, nail, or glue down the floor, and if so, why?
3. What other types of flooring will the floor be butting up to?  Will you require transition pieces and how many?
4. How much flooring will you need to complete the job?  Have you added waste?
5. When do you plan to start, and when do you need to receive the flooring material?
6. What kind of traffic do you expect on the flooring?  Do you have kids, dogs, is it a commercial space?
7. Will you be installing the floor yourself, or hiring a professional?

    Below are links to our return, sales and shipping policies, we encourage all customers to review them before placing an order.

    Return Policy:
    Sale Policy:
    Shipping Policy:

    The estimated transit time for your order depends on where you are located.  For overseas orders and expedited shipments, please call us for an estimate at (866) 710-7070.

    East Coast orders are usually shipped out within 3 business days and have a transit time of 1-3 business days.

    Midwest orders are usually shipped out within 3 business days and have a transit time of 2-5 business days.

    West Coast orders are usually shipped out within 3 business days and have a transit time of 5-12 business days, however there are expedited shipping options to the West Coast for shorter transit times for an additional fee.

    Once the flooring order leaves our warehouse, we’ll send you an email with all of your shipping information.  You’ll want to call the freight company first thing in the morning to then set up a delivery appointment using the phone and reference numbers listed in the email.  Typically the freight company will give you a 2-6 hour delivery window.  Make sure you don’t miss the delivery appointment or the freight company will charge a $130 re-delivery fee.  Once the order arrives, ensure you mark any damages on the driver’s bill of lading (they’ll then usually give you a copy).
    No, all shipments are curbside delivery and the driver will lower the pallet(s) of flooring down using a liftgate. 
    All freight shipments are curbside delivery with lift-gate unless you specifically request freight dock delivery.  Curbside delivery means they lower the pallet on the street at the end of the driveway.  The drivers are not required to enter the property boundaries, although if not hazardous sometimes they’ll back up the driveway (if it’s flat and short) and drop the pallet on the driveway.   Someone must be on site to receive the delivery and inspect it for exteriror damage, and then note any damage on the driver’s bill of lading (otherwise we can’t send free replacements).   We highly recommend that you do not pay laborers to sit around and wait for the delivery, as the freight companies do sometimes miss appointments and they do not reimburse for such lapses.
    The rule of thumb for ordering perimeter moldings is to multiply your total flooring square footage times 30%.  Therefore if you’re installation 1,000 sq ft of flooring, you’ll need 300 linear feet of perimeter moldings.
    Absolutely.  We’ve shipped our floors to such far-flung locations as Guam, Kenya, Tanzania, Bahrain, Great Britain, Kuwait, France, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, and many more.  Please note that international shipments may require you to procure the services of a freight forwarder at the port of discharge; most port authorities can provide recommendations for reputable freight forwarders that service your home port.  Also, minimum order quantities may apply to some countries.  Call your Ambient representative today at (866) 710-7070 for shipping quotes to your country!

    1)    You can purchase right through our website (which you're currently on)

    2)    You can send an email with your materials list or purchase order to

    3)    You can call us at (866) 710-7070 and place your order over the phone


    We ship most orders out within 4 business days of purchase, the average being 2 business days, however on the final checkout page you will have the option to select Expedited Shipping for an additional fee, which simply means that we will ship the order out the next business day. We highly recommend reading our Shipping Policy for more details.

    Transit times depend on where you live, with most East Coast shipments having a 2-4 business day transit time, Midwest having a 3-5 business day transit time, and West Coast shipments having a 5-10 business day transit time.  For residential lift-gate deliveries, once the flooring order arrives at the local freight terminal, they will call you to schedule your delivery appointment, which is usually a 2-6 hour window on the day of your choosing, when possible. All deliveries are curbside as we do not offer inside delivery.

    We recommend that you review our Return Policy first to ensure that your flooring qualifies.  If your floor does qualify to be returned, here are some general guidelines:

    1. If shipping back more than 2 boxes we recommend you reach out to an Ambient representative to get a return freight quote. Please note that return shipping usually costs much more than the original outbound shipment.

    2. You will need to have decent quality 4’x4’ or 4’x6’ pallets to secure the flooring boxes to.

    3. Pickup appointments are usually a window between 2-6 hours. We will arrange to have the pickup and will send you an email with further instructions, including the documents you will need to paste to the pallets.

    4. The pallets will need to be placed at the end of your driveway, on solid, paved and flat (as possible) ground, not grass or dirt. We reccommend following this guide: How to Return Freight Shipments

    5. The pickup driver will use a pallet truck/jack to move the pallets from your driveway onto the truck's liftgate. In order to do this the pallet truck forks need to be able to slide into the large (not small) pallet holes. Most pallets only have suitable holes on two sides of the pallet. The pallet truck forks require a hole of at least 5 inches in height to slide in. Therefore, please rotate the pallets correctly before placing boxes on them, so that the pallet truck will be able to slide the pallet forks into the pallets to move them.

    6. Once the product(s) arrive in our warehouse and have been inspected and determined to be in acceptable condition, we will issue your refund minus any return shipping charges and restock fees.  We will attempt to issue the refund via check in the mail within 2 weeks.


    Below are links to our return, sales and shipping policies, we encourage all customers to review them before placing an order.

    Return Policy:
    Sale Policy:
    Shipping Policy:

    We highly recommend you review our Shipping Policy, which has a lot of great information and a short video about the shipping process.  When your order ships out we’ll send you a notification email with all of your shipping information.  Once the shipment arrives at the local freight terminal near your delivery location, the terminal staff will call you to schedule a delivery (weekdays, usually a 2-6 hour window).  Make sure you don’t miss the delivery appointment or the freight company may charge a hefty re-delivery fee. 

    Once the order arrives, ensure you mark any damages you see on the driver’s bill of lading (they’ll then usually give you a copy).  You don’t have to open and inspect every box, just look at the outside of the pallets – that is where the shipping damage will be. Important note: If your delivery location is located on a road that cannot be accessed by a semi-trailer truck, you may be required to pick the freight up at the local terminal or meet the driver at an intermediary location.

    Yes, however there may be a 4-7 business day delay while we verify that the payment is valid.

    Upon receiving the order you need to be on the lookout for damage on the exterior of the pallet/shipment.  If you see this type of damage do not refuse the shipment as it's often not as bad as it looks, just make sure to record the damage on the driver's delivery receipt otherwise we won’t be able to send you free replacements.

    Once the driver leaves you can email us a few pictures and the details and we'll note your account and work on shipping out replacement items as soon as possible.  Most of the time even if there's damage the flooring planks can be used as the first cuts for starter rows.  Once you start installing, if you find more than the industry standard 3% of defects in the flooring planks (this is extremely rare) you can just email us pictures and details and we will ship out replacements.


    We usually charge you what the shipping companies charge us, and add a small handling fee.  However if you have your own shipping account you’d like to use we can accommodate this.  We do still charge a small handling fee for small parcel shipments when using a consignee shipping account.


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