Bamboo Flooring Design Ideas

Bamboo Flooring DesignWith the recent popularity of bamboo flooring there has been a surge of new styles and colors and finishes to choose from. Not only are bamboo floors the more environmentally-friendly choice and also usually the more affordable choice, but now, no matter what your home’s décor, you’ll be able to find bamboo flooring that fits your personal taste.

If you’re considering installing bamboo floors in your home and are looking for some design inspiration, a good place to start it .

Below are some of our most popular bamboo flooring choices

Strand Woven Natural

Our strand woven natural floors are perfect for just about any room in your house. They’re so versatile because the natural color Strandwoven Natural Kitchengoes with any color palette and style of furnishings in your home. Very much resembling traditional hardwood floors, they offer the same warmth and elegance but in a greener, more affordable material.

Classic Carbonized Horizontal

The classic carbonized horizontal bamboo floors have the classic bamboo look. How the planks are laid and adhered, you get those great markings you’ll only find in bamboo floors. This choice looks great in those spaces that seek to draw some attention to themselves. Try these floors in a dining room, living room or bedroom. A large open room that isn’t cluttered with a lot of furniture will help show them off.

Strand Woven Tiger

Strand Woven TigerThis is the kind of floor people immediately notice. No one can walk on it without seeing the amazing and unique beauty of these bamboo planks. They are called tiger woven for a reason. The tiger pattern is bold and makes a big statement. This bamboo flooring works well in all kinds of spaces, from homes to restaurants and show room floors. If your decorating sense requires you to show off a bit, consider our strand woven tiger floors.

Oak Gunstock Strand Bamboo

There’s something about those old, worn wooden floors you find in houses built in the early part of the 20th century. The dark patina lends a certain warmth to a room and really anchors it nicely. Well, now you can have that same look and feel without waiting 100 years to get it. Our oak gunstock strand bamboo floors offer the same rich color that will compliment traditional homes that seek to mimic a look of a bygone era.

Strand Woven Sangria

There are those floors that strike the perfect balance between elegant and contemporary; those that are able to be beautiful without Strand Woven Sangriabeing too showy. Our strand woven sangria floors are the perfect compliment to those rooms that seek a classic feel with a pop of something a little extra. The rich sangria color is radiant in all kinds of light and goes well with a variety of color palettes.

These are only some of the styles of bamboo flooring we offer, but again, take a look at for more design ideas. And, if you have any questions about pricing, check out our , and always feel free to give us a call if you have any other questions.


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